Joel's Mexican Restaurant
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One of our favorite specials. Blackened Cod Fish Taco Plate for $8.50

Our Story

We are a small local business who came from San Diego California that moved to beautiful Sandpoint Idaho. When people ask how we got up here my dad says "we ran out of gas". We have been making Mexican food in Sandpoint since 1995 and hope to keep going for many years more. We appreciate all the business we get and we try to make everyone happy, although that is a hard thing to do :). 

We are not perfect but we try to have good customer service and do it with a smile. We are known for good food and hope that if you come you experience the taste of eating good Mexican food. Please remember there are quit a few different styles of Mexican food so do not be disappointed if it is not a style you are used to. 

We accept debit card, credit card, cash or check.

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